Janice Bergeron

Occupation: Broker Associate/Realtor
Preoccupation: Adventure Guide
Favorite Words To Live By: Everything happens for a reason.

For Janice Bergeron, relocations—like life in general—offer abundant adventure. Having moved herself 35 times (sometimes for work and sometimes because of life’s unexpected turns), Janice is an expert when it comes to adapting to new environments and finding fun and excitement during what can often be a stressful time.

Born and raised in Massachusetts, Janice grew up alongside three siblings, sharpening her sense of adventure by keeping up with two older brothers and never being afraid of change or facing challenges. Her outgoing nature led her to follow a plethora of pursuits, from working as a greenskeeper at a
Massachusetts golf course to working for Dow Jones on Wall Street as well as in Chicago to becoming an international flight attendant before eventually zeroing in on a career as a corporate recruiter.

After three decades in the recruiting industry working with some of the nation’s largest companies (including Ernst & Young, Cisco Systems, and IBM), Janice decided it was time to step out from behind the corporate desk and bring that same sense of professionalism and dedication to meeting client needs to the real estate industry. “I’ve always been about asking people, ‘How can I help?’ and now I’m able to transfer that same passion and skill to helping clients find—or sell—their home.”

Now an established Realtor, Janice has settled into Castle Pines, where she’s lived for more than 20 years. This ‘accomplished mover’ is now content to stay put, having fallen in love with Colorado’s multitude of outdoor activities, amazing people, and wonderful weather. When she isn’t spending time with clients, you’re likely to find Janice exercising, enjoying time on the golf course, in her garden, in the kitchen, or entertaining family and friends.

Janice can be reached at janice@destinationdenverrealty.com or 303-725-9252.


Five Little-Known Facts About Janice:

  • Was an avid skier who didn’t shy away from jumping off cornices or taking on challenges.
  • Earned her bachelor’s degree in business administration from DePaul University.
  • Is the consummate networker, constantly connecting people with others who can enhance their lives.
  • Is passionate about golf and big on etiquette—both on the course and in business.
  • Hopes to one day travel and play golf courses around the world.


“I take my job very seriously. I realize that buying a home is often the biggest business decision a person will make, so I bring a strong business approach to the process.”

Charity Challenge – Pledge the Pink Foundation

This year, Janice is raising funds for Pledge the Pink Foundation, which raises money to provide gap funding for budget-restricted nonprofit service providers. Having witnessed the devastation of breast cancer among too many of her friends, Janice hopes to help play a role in its cure.

You can support her efforts by learning more or donating online at

Or click HERE to visit Destination Denver Realty’s Charity Challenge page.